Original Joe

Quiet bar at Jiyugaoka in Tokyo. It's of 1200 kinds only by Scotch.
Cognac kinds were also that it's probable to some degree, and I went shamelessly.
The store where a talkative bartender of liquor with so-called experiences is here.We have served the cognac by which everything and the illusion seem to know a cognac lover though they don't hope that you put it so much, and something Mauret Lafage will be. What and, it's said that they treated with 200,000 yen for 1 serving at time with celebrity's celebration. This day, the special price (?).

It may be an intolerable bar for a Scotch lover.
Original Joe

BAR Epilogue

There are very little bars serving Cognac.

In such situation, they have 20-30 kinds of Cognac bottles at Ebisu town.
Around the Ebisu station, in calm place, the entrance is hard to look out, the floor is relatively large. It looks like "useful" bar.

As its largeness, there are 3 or 4 bartenders.

Sad to say, their Cognac is something like peculiar, hard to use commonly.

the bar is introduced here.

Bar Epilogue